July 17, 2013

Well let’s start with saying Happy 58th Birthday to Disneyland! Wow that is a long time yet not! Weird I know. Well last month I celebrated 10 years with the Walt Disney Company. I could sit here and say that I am surprised and that I did not intend to stay that long but that would be a lie. I am glad I am still there, though I do wish the pay was better. I have gotten through some difficult times there but have met some really special people. 

I have been spending more and more time pursuing my photography even going so far as to enter some well respected contests. So far my work hasn’t been selected but that is ok. I am also reaching out to a few professional photographers and asking for their help mentoring me. I think it is going well. I hope to keep up with this as I think it will help me to get better and more confident at the same time. I am going to try to focus on my health again as well since I have slacked off on that lately. Without my health I will have nothing so I need to stop making excuses and hold myself accountable and get to it! I know I can do this and I have received positive feedback so that is helpful. I just need to do what I want and not worry or wait for someone to invite me or include me. I need to find me, yep I’m still trying to find myself! Here are a few pictures to hold you over.ImageImageImageImageImage

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One thought on “July 17, 2013

  1. Francine Seal

    All photos are good but I like the Beluga whale the most. We’re going to have to get you putting watermarks and/or copyrights on your photos.

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