Day 6 January 6, 2012

Well yesterday wasn’t the best day of the year. It did get better as it went on though. I got some nice compliments on some of the photos I edited. I was going to come back on here last night and add a part 2 to yesterdays entry and put up some pictures but when I went to do that I noticed it was after midnight so I decided to wait until today and just write a new entry and add pictures. I am hungry so I am going to see if a yogurt smoothie satisfies me and if so for how long. I need to do something about my weight. I am not happy with it but I am extremely lazy and don’t want to do much and especially don’t want to do it alone. Part of what will make the smoothie difficult to be satisfying is the fact I like salty and unless this fills me pretty well I will end up eating something too. But maybe if I just have an english muffin that wouldn’t be too bad. I need to eat more than 1 time a day otherwise I will never lose weight.

I want to go somewhere and do something today but not sure what. I thought about going to LA to the Griffith Park Observatory or to Malibu for some nice photo opportunities but I know Garnet has plans tonight but no clue what time and I don’t want to be rushed. Well my brother is working this afternoon so going with him to see the Terra Cotta soldiers is out. I just don’t want to sit around the house. I think that if I start being more active then I will want to clean the house more too. Because then I will have enjoyed a nice day outside the house so I will want to come enjoy my house.

It is a good thing, in a way, that we didn’t have family therapy today like we were supposed to. Garnet didn’t get up and it was her chance to get to see John. She hasn’t seen him since October. I am disappointed that his therapist didn’t let me know that she wouldn’t be able to do the therapy session. I hope she is ok. I suspect she is sick and nobody thought to let us know. Staff members on John’s unit tried to get in touch with her but they couldn’t reach her either.

Ok, so I am going to upload some photos now and I will come back later for a part 2 saying what I ended up doing today!

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